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All Levels

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Schedule updated: August 21, 2016.



All levels: Taught two times per week every Monday and Thursday evening. The regular training is suitable for both beginners as well as advanced students of Aikido. Everyone, both youth (age 10+) and adults, can join these training lessons. These classes emphasize fundamental and applied techniques at intermediate and advanced levels, reinforcing the materials covered in the Basics classes, and focusing on the development of supple ukemi, increased stamina, flexibility and practical application. While the technical content and pace of practice in these classes are more demanding than in the Basics classes, they accommodate both beginning and senior students. As in the Basics classes, when beginning students participate in these classes, a senior student is assigned to practice with them until they have developed sufficient skills to safely train on their own. 

Weapons: Taught one time per week every Monday evening. Although a study in itself, weapons training is part of the Aikido curriculum, and is synergystic with the practice of body arts. Weapons practice helps in the development of balance, posture, movement, hand to eye coordination and concentration. We practice with Bokken (wooden sword), Jo (wooden staff) and Tanto (wooden knife). Attendance is open to all adult dojo members. Also suitabe for everyone.

Seminars: Seminars and other special events concerning Aikido are planned throughout the whole year by various Aikido schools, organisations or teachers. More information about the seminars can be found on this site or on the Aikidoschool Aikikaz facebook page.


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