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14 December 2013: Winterseminar Aikido with Sensei Niek Remkes, 5th Dan Aikikai

See our seminar webpage for more details!


Open Door Day 2013


On Sunday 29th of September we have a special day at the Budocentrum Maastricht. We will celebrate the 60th anniversary of judoclub Tsukuri and we will have demonstrations of all the martial arts (judo, jiu-jutsu, pencak silat and aikido) training at the center. There is also a possibility to join workshop to get familiar with one of the arts of your interest! See you there from 1-5 PM...


Yamada sensei's message for 2014

Dear Aikido friends,

The year of 2014 is going to be a big and meaningful year for me. I will be the half-century anniversary of my time in the United States and of the NY Aikikai. I know that neither you or I want to miss such a great opportunity to have a big party and celebrate together.

I had a few ideas to make this celebration an enjoyable one for everyone. One idea was to use summer camp for the time and location of the celebration, but unfortunately, that will not work out. It will be impossible to accommodate the many people who might come from all over the world.

My second idea was to have a big seminar in New York City. It seemed like a good idea at the beginning, until we found out that there were no big spaces that could handle such a big crowd and provide us with the services we would need, like changing rooms and showers. There were also safety issues and regulations that both public and private places would impose on us and make the number of people who could participate very limited. I would not want to have many people shut out because of such restrictions. I’m very upset about these circumstances but we really have no choice.

So here is my solution: In 2014, I will still conduct my yearly major seminars so I can see you all. Whenever and wherever you see me, just give me a big hug and warm words. Anyway, we will have a drinking party at the NY Aikikai sometime in June of 2014 and you will all be welcome to attend. I’ll let you know the exact date later in this year.

Thank you for your understanding, your concern and your wish to help me celebrate.

Y. Yamada

NEW! Ability to take private lessons!

Do you have difficulties with certain techniques or do you want to train extra for your upcoming examination? A private lesson is a perfect solution! The costs are €40,- per hour, per person. For a private lesson with two persons the payment is €30,- per hour, per person. To ensure that everyone gets the needed attention, the maximum amount is two persons per lesson.

Requests for private lessons can be done via e-mail: info@aikikaz-aikido.nl.

Modified training schedule (active on 1st Sept. 2013)

On September 1 the training schedule will be modified: the time of the training on Monday's will be set to 18.30 till 20.00. The first half hour will be weapons training. The regular training will resume at 19.00 and will end at 20.00. 

Special offer for new students!

Want to earn €10,- for promoting us? When you suggest Aikidoschool Aikikaz with friends & family and they decide to join us you will receive €10,- (no further commitments)!

Aikidoschool Aikikaz has now a B-certified instructor!

Aikidoschool Aikikaz has got a B-certified instructor since the 8th of June 2013. The quality of the Aikido lessons are therefore officially approved and checked according to the rules and regulations of the NOC-NSF.

We are now an official member of the Dutch JBN foundation! 

Aikidoschool Aikikaz has been assigned as an official member of the Dutch JBN foundation in April 2013. All exams will be approved and certified by the Dutch Judo Bond foundation. To qualify for higher ranks it is therefore needed to join this foundation. For questions about submission and costs, please contact Aikidoschool Aikikaz.