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Kazimierz Hendrix Sensei - Dojo Cho (3rd Dan Aikikai)


                                       Marc Geraerts Sensei (2nd Dan)                                                                    

Mission Statement

Aikidoschool Aikikaz was founded in August 2011 by Hendrix Sensei with the objective to promote Aikido in the city & region of Maastricht to the general public. This website will explain the basic principles of Aikido and give more information about our Aikidoschool in Maastricht. Furthermore, information such as upcoming seminars will also be displayed on our Facebook page. Maybe you are already familiar with Aikido, or you are still searching for an interesting martial art: Aikidoschool Aikikaz gives you a personal opportunity to understand and experience Aikido based upon your own needs. 

Aikido Style

Our aikidoschool follows the aikido of the International Hombu Dojo in Tokyo. We are official member of the Dutch JBN foundation and recognised by the NOC/NSF. The dojo is led by Dojo Cho Hendrix Sensei (3th Dan Aikikai). Classes are conducted by Geraerts Sensei (2nd Dan).






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